Into the Woods ...


one day at age 6 I had the idea to surprise a total stranger with a small floral arrangement of wildflowers freshly picked behind my house. I would ring the bell, hide behind some shrubbery, and patiently wait for someone to open the door and find my small gift. The look on the unsuspecting benefactor’s face was one I never forgot and vowed to recreate.

at a recent cake tasting, clients broke out into applause upon seeing the first reveal of a slice of Harlequin Romance cake, with its arresting trio of dark chocolate and vanilla layers hidden under fresh strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream. flowers and cake have a way of consistently surprising and delighting people. our mission is to provide you and your guests with alternative, irreverent special occasion cakes and desserts that consistently surprise, delight and elicit applause.

though i briefly "staged" at bobby flay's mesa grill with pastry chef wayne harley brachman, i’m an intuitive baker and self-proclaimed cake alchemist. 

+ you:

flavor profiles for cakes are developed by taking cues directly from what clients share with us during the initial consult--childhood memories, foods and flavors taken from their cultural heritage, special interests, secrets and collective stories can all be reflected in cake. later during the cake tasting clients are presented with several cake profiles that represent who they are as a couple. the cake they choose will be revealed and enjoyed with family, friends and guests during their best day ever!

= celebration cake:

into the woods offers special occasion cakes that are made with locally foraged and botanical ingredients like flowers, herbs, fruits and citrus. flavors are extracted and infused into cakes and desserts using unconventional pastry techniques such as enfleurage and wood smoke. cake styling is done in partnership with stems located at sycamore bar in brooklyn, ny though we are delighted to partner with your florist of choice.